xHP - Possible issues after the flash

I’m having “Dynamic Drive” Errors after the flash and can’t clear them. (only E-Series BMW)

The BMW Dynamic Drive system is pretty picky, when there is no CAN Bus communication for some time. On every flash, the CAN Bus has to be shut down for all other units in the car. After all returning to normal, the BMW Dynamic Drive System has to recalibrate and re-align the position on all 4 wheels. During this procedure the system is inactive and will throw fault messages. Those errors can’t be cleared manually, you just have to wait for the system to settle again, which can take some miles/time. (up to 1 hour of driving, depending on road surface) Of course this procedure can also be carried out with the BMW Shop-Tools.

I flashed an xHP Map on my Pre-LCI 3, 5 or 6 Series car, but I don’t see the Gear-Display in S-Mode?

Most of the 3, 5 and 6-Series cars (E9x & E6x-Series, Pre-Facelift) where equipped with a faulty dash software, which is unable to display a gear number in S-Mode. When S-Mode is engaged, most of these cars display a red Gearbox-Error sign in the dash. Therefore the Gear-Display is not active per-standard in the xHP Maps for those cars.

You can try to activate it by yourself through the Gear Display Feature in xHP’s Customization Module, but we can’t guarantee it will work. Unfortunately, there is no way of checking upfront if a certain car is affected by that or not.

The only way to fix this error, is to install an LCI instrument cluster.

My gear-display shows the next gear, shortly before the gear change.

The Gear indicator display does show the “target gear” of the transmission, which is why it does change to the new gear at the beginning of the gear shift process.

This is why in slower shift modes the Gear-Indicator jumps to the next gear about 0.5 seconds before the driver recognises the shifting process itself.

In faster shift modes, the shifting process is much shorter, which is why it is that noticeable.

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