xDelete - OBD Adapter Options

Required Hardware

  • Phone or Tablet running either:

    • Android 6 and newer

    • iOS 10 or newer

  • an Adapter to connect to your car

Connect Diagram


xDelete_Connect-guide-Organigram-2024-04-02 (1).jpg
* iOS does not support flashing via USB
** E83 X3, E53 X5 and E86 Z4 do ONLY support flashing via a compatible KLINE / DCAN cable
*** The MHD UNI / BM3 adapter might need a firmware update to function correctly. See more below.

For details on how to use the different adapters, please click HERE.

Please use the interactive version on our website to purchase quality adapters:
Connect Diagram

Bootmod3 Wi-Fi Adapter - how to update the firmware

click on “WiFi Adapter”

With the Bootmod firmware 3.14.112 there can be issues flashing xHP, please update to the latest version of the BM3 firmware.

MHD UNI WiFi adapter - how to update the firmware

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