xDelete - Supported Flashing Hardware

The 2 things you need to start:

  • a flashing device like your phone or tablet running either:

    • Android 6 and newer

    • iOS 10 or newer

  • an adapter to connect your flashing device to your cars OBD-port, like one of the adapters from the connecting diagram below

Connect Diagram

Flashing via DCAN-cable is not possible with iOS as Apple does not allow flashing via the USB OTG standard.

Attention: Please check under the respective adapter chapters for further hardware requirements.

The online version of the Connect Diagram includes links where you can buy the hardware.

Available hardware options in detail:

OBD/DCAN cable (only E - Series)


xDelete uses the well-known OBD/DCAN cables to connect to the car. These cables are usually marked as “INPA compatible”, which refers to the BMW OEM diagnostic tools. Be sure to buy a proper cable with a genuine “FTDI RS232” chipset. These cables can be bought from various sources. (Web shops, Amazon, eBay...) Proper ones’ cost approx. 40 – 60 USD. Be sure not to safe on the cable, as xDelete relies on a proper cable to work correctly.

Recommended DCAN cables:

USB/OTG adapters come in various forms, from short sockets, to longer cables for extended use. However, all of them seem to work reliable. During our testing phase, there hasn’t been any error trackable to these adapters. Just search them on Amazon or eBay. Thinking of vehicle situations, it’s probably best to use one coming in short- cable form-factor, like the one you see on the right side.

Cost: 5 – 10 USD/EUR.

OBD-DCAN cable

USB A to USB Micro/USB-C OTG Adapter

Average first flash time: 5 minutes, subsequent map changes & updates around 2 minutes.

Flashing via DCAN-cable is not possible with iOS as Apple does not allow flashing via the USB OTG standard.

Flashing via DCAN-cable is the only supported option for K-Line vehicles! (Z4 E86, X5 E53 and X3 E83)

DCAN Wi-Fi Adapter (only E - Series)

Android iOS

xDelete supports the Thor Wi-Fi Adapter (pink) or the MHD Wi-Fi Adapter (orange). To connect to the Wi-Fi adapter, simply plug it into the vehicles OBD port. You will see the LED’s lighting up. Afterwards open your device settings and look out for the correct Wi-Fi network. After connecting to the network, xDelete will work exactly like when connected through OBD cable. Please note, that you eventually must return to your local Wi-Fi or 3G connection, when the app needs to synch/download updates, or if you want to buy a license.

You can get the adapters at:

THOR Wi-Fi adapter

MHD Wi-Fi adapter

Note: The Wi-Fi Adapters do not support K-Line vehicles! (Z4 E86, X5 E53 and X3 E83)

ENET Cable (only F - Series)

Android iOS

For F-Series BMWs xDelete supports flashing through the much faster ENET Cables. ENET utilizes an IP-based connection to your car’s central gateway and is only available on F & G - Series BMW. Therefore, your phone/tablet has to support “Ethernet” connections through its USB port. (please check upfront, not all Android phones are supporting Ethernet-USB! Apple devices all support Ethernet USB) For connecting your car to your device, you will need an USB- to-Ethernet Adapter (Android) or Lightning-to-Ethernet Adapter (iOS) and a OBD/ENET cable.

Both are available at Amazon and other shops, for example:

RJ45 to USB-C/Micro adapter

OBD to RJ45 (ENET) cable

RJ45 to lightning adapter

Please check if your device supports the manual setting of a static IP-address, as not every manufacturer unlocks this feature in their version of Android.

Samsung S9, Samsung S10 and Samsung A40 are tested and known to support Ethernet-USB!

ENET Wi-Fi Adapter (only F - Series)

Android iOS

The black MHD ENET Wi-Fi Adapter works with all devices. No Extra-Hardware and no configuration needed. Just plug it in to your OBD port, wait 10 - 20 seconds and connect to the created Wi-Fi Network. (SSID: “MHD_XXX”)

You can get the adapters at:


ENET MHD Wi-Fi adapter


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