xHP Flashtool - Licenses


You can buy all licenses and maps on our https://www.xautomotive.com/. After purchase, you will receive one or more voucher codes via email to redeem in the app.

The voucher codes only work once, and each product is stored in your account along with the vehicle's VIN once redeemed. This means you can use xHP on as many devices as you like.
Install xHP, log in with your account, and all your data will be restored from our servers.

Please make sure you redeem the codes for the correct car only when you are logged in to your personal account.
Once a licence has been assigned to a specific account, it cannot be undone.

Licenses and map packs cannot be transferred to other users under any circumstances, but in some instances, we will transfer them to another of your vehicles on a one-off basis. Please see our FAQ for more information.

xHP Flash License

This license allows unlimited flashing for a single vehicle. With the , you can purchase and flash OTS maps or use the built-in Flash Settings to customize your backup map. The xHP Flash license already includes all the xHP Flash Settings, such as the Shift Map Editor, Custom Launch Control and more.
This means that you can already tweak the behavior of your stock gearbox to a certain extent with this license. Please refer to the relevant section of the Knowledge Base for details of the options available. Advanced and complete remapping can only be done with our OTS Map Packs.

xHP Map Pack

For each supported vehicle, we have developed a set of 3 maps, which are grouped in our OTS (off-the-shelf) .
The maps reflect different driving styles and can all be easily customized using the custom features built into xHP. Think of the Stage 1 map as the most relaxed calibration, with Stage 2 and 3 getting progressively sharper. As a general rule, our maps are always entirely usable in any vehicle on a daily basis.
For example, D/Comfort mode is always smooth, even with a Stage 3 map, but it may shift down earlier or respond more quickly to driver input than Stage 1. Just as everyone drives differently with a stick, everyone has different expectations and preferences of how an automatic transmission should behave. The same goes for the maps.
Specific changes or features from one car may not be available or may be different on another supported car.
There is no "universal" Stage 3 map.
So read the details below the Stage 3 map for your car's type code.

You can find the details on our website in the “Check Support” section.

In rare cases, there may only be 1 or 2 maps available for your specific car.

To see what your specific car can support, please connect the app to your car so that it appears in the app, then click on it. Click on “Flash this car” on the bottom and on the next page you see, which maps are available for your car.

To see what Flash settings your specific car can support, click on “Edit” on the same page, right next to “Flash Settings”.

You can do this without purchasing a licence.

Upgrade License

Vehicles previously unlocked by an xHP Pro Dealer can now be upgraded to a full end-user Flash Combo using the xHP Upgrade Licence.

End users who paid for an xHP Pro vehicle unlock can purchase this license using this link.

The license can be applied to any vehicle that an xHP Pro Dealer has previously unlocked. No further action from the Dealer is required.

No further communication with dealers is required to use the Upgrade Licence. The license can be used if the following criteria are met:

  • The vehicle has an active unlock from an official xHP Pro dealer.

  • The dealer has paid the invoice.

  • No xHP Upgrade Licence has been applied for the car in the past (only one Upgrade Licence per xHP Pro Unlock is possible).

  • After purchasing the license in our Webshop , you will receive a code to unlock the "Flash License" and the "Map Pack".

Click on the "Flash License" button and enter the code you received to unlock both items.

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