xHP - Vehicle support

My car is not supported! Can I have a custom map?

As supporting a vehicle requires a great deal of development effort, there are varying reasons why a specific vehicle or powertrain is not supported. Current developments are announced on our social media channels and updates on the development status can be followed there. We are not able to do custom mappings for not supported vehicles.

I do have a Alfa Romeo/Audi/Jaguar/Mini etc. can I use xHP?

Even though your car might use the “same” transmission from ZF, every manufacturer uses their own proprietary software to run these transmissions. We fully focus on BMW and do not plan to expand to other brands. We also do not support the FWD-Platform models by BMW. (e.g. Active Tourer, Mini, 1-Series F40 etc.)

I want to swap my transmission to a different type, does xHP support this?

In general, xHP does not support any “mules”. We only support transmission & vehicle combinations, which have existed from factory. You can swap your transmission, but make sure it is the correct type for your car. Eventually you need to contact us afterwards to re-new your License.

How do I check if my vehicle is supported?

There are 3 ways:

  • Download the xHP app, connect to your vehicle and click on the “Connect” button. xHP will now tell you, if your car is supported.

  • Use the Check Support function in the Sidebar Menu of the App! It lets you browse all supported cars, by their Type Code (4th to 7th digit of the cars VIN).

  • Use the Check Support function at www.xhpflashtool.com

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