xHP - About the transmission flash

How about reliability, will I shorten the life of my transmission using xHP?

None of the setups will have any general detrimental effect on the lifetime of transmission components. Not on the TCU, nor on the shafts or clutches. Keep in mind, that automatic transmissions are highly complicated units, with a few hundred components inside. Some of these components are designed to wear out (like clutches) through making use of them. Your driving style and proper maintenance have the biggest impact on the life-time of transmission components.

Obey these simple rules:

  • Let your transmission warmup on each drive before applying heavy throttle. You will notice some amount of slip in the warmup phase, which is intentionally to heat up the oil inside. Basic Rule: Your transmission needs about the same time to heat up as your engine oil.

  • Don’t “pump-up” your vehicle on standing starts with brake/throttle applied at the same time.

  • Flush/change your transmission oil regularly. (approx. every 50k – 75k miles) BMW does not want you to do it, but ZF wants you. Trust ZF, who have built this transmission.

Do I need to do a run-in-phase?

We do recommend around 50-75 miles of driving without wide open throttle, with varying speed, load scenarios and shifts, so the transmission can adapt to the new software as fast as possible.

This driving-in-phase is only recommended after the initial xHP flash and not needed for subsequent flashes, like map changes or different custom settings etc.

I just flashed my transmission, but the shifts are bad.

Your transmission may behave weird, right after flash, e.g. starting in 3rd. gear. This issue should clear within a few hundred meters of driving. The transmission has extensive adaption-algorithms, to keep shift quality in check over a full life time and even with heavily worn out clutches. The adaptions applied are very sensitive to abrupt changes, as they operate in a narrow window. Therefore, shift quality can suffer in the first few hundred miles, after doing an oil-change, replacing transmission hardware, or changing the TCU software, like with xHP. Don’t overstress your transmission during this adaption phase. The best way to adapt your transmission, is just normal driving in D mode with lots of varying speeds and shifts. We DO NOT advise anybody to clear the adaption values to speed up the process. Depending on the current wear state of your transmission, this can lead to unwanted and permanent bad results.

Will my car be still updateable by the dealer?

Yes, you can even leave xHP on your car for your visit at the dealer. A Dealer-Software-Update will just overwrite xHP, so you will have to flash it again afterwards.

Will xHP void my OEM or dealer warranty?

xHP changes the calibration file on your TCU. Like every other tune on your vehicle, this will very likely void your OEM or dealer warranty, depending on your Country and/or guarantee contract. However, dealer testers are unable to detect xHP. You don’t need to remove xHP, before visiting a dealer.

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