xHP - Possible issues before / during the flash

I cannot use the Google / Facebook Login?

Should you not get see all the available Login methods on your device, please make sure you aren not using any kind of content or Add-Blockers like Pi-hole, 1Blocker or Blockbear.

Those can be used on your device you want to flash with, or your home network your device is connected to. Blockers like these can block, among other things, Google or Facebook domains, which are needed, if you do want to use them as a Login method with xHP Flashtool.


example of blocked “Social Logins”


I cannot connect to my car?

Please make sure you have to correct hardware for your car, by checking our Connect-Diagram! Some adapter/phone combinations require some setup to work. More information can be found in the Chapter Supported Hardware. Make also sure to follow the instructions on How to connect to your car.

I need help, something went wrong during flash!

Please follow everything from how to connect to your car precisely and then try again. If you are flashing with a Wi-Fi-Adapter make absolutely sure cellular data and Bluetooth are turned OFF!

When using the Wi-Fi Adapters and you are still having troubles, please make sure your device ignores all other Wi-Fi Sources, so it does not change Wi-Fi mid flash and also all other devices ignore the THOR/MHD Wi-Fi, so they do not interfere. Please check in the corresponding Wi-Fi settings.

Are there any of the following items installed:

  • Any kind of piggy back ECU, like JB4 for example

  • Throttle pedal tuning boxes

  • Aftermarket CarPlay Units

  • Android Radios

  • any performance displays (like Awron)

  • sport-exhaust with sound control installed in the car

  • aftermarket HUD (head-up displays)

  • anything else aftermarket connected to the CAN-Bus (like mileage manipulation devices)

These are connected to the CAN and can mess up the communication, up to the point, where flashing the car is impossible. Please make sure they are in their dedicated service mode for flashing. If they do not have such a mode, or should it still not work, please unplug them or pull their fuse, for the duration of the flash.

If you continue to have issues despite following all of the above, use the “Send Logs” function inside the App and contact us at support@rbttuning.com with your VIN!

Issue Flashing DKG-F-Series cars

I n rare cases it there can be problems during the checksum correction using ARM 32Bit processors on older phones. in case you cannot flash your car, we recommend to use a 64Bit Android device or one of the other platforms we do support: Supported Hardware

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