xHP - Engine tuning & xHP Flashtool

Does xHP work together with my specific engine tune?

Yes, xHP does work together with every engine tune. The most common engine tune-Apps are:

  • MHD - Does have a checkbox that needs to be ticked, to ensure optimal performance, see the next question below.

  • BM3 - Works out of the box with xHP and with Stage 2 and higher, BM3 also recommends to use xHP Flashtool, together with their engine tunes.

  • MGFlasher - Does work out of the box as well.

See our article about line-pressure for more in-depth details, regarding communication between ECU and TCU.

I am using MHD. What Map version should I flash?

For most cars MHD offers a dedicated “xHP Transmission Setting”. In all other cases just select “Manual Transmission” in MHD. (yes, this is not a typo)

I already have a Flash - Tune (MHD, BM3, MG-Flasher, custom Tune etc.) on my ECU (Engine). Do I need to uninstall it before using xHP?

No. xHP has no direct effect on your existing Engine tune.

I’m running JB4, can I use xHP with it?

Yes, xHP will work on JB4 equipped cars, but you have to remove it before flash and install again. On our test cars setting JB4 to Map 0 was not enough, as JB4 was still disturbing communication to the TCU. This possibly depends on the JB4 revision you are using.

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