xHP Flashtool - How to use the xHP App

Account selection

xHP uses user accounts to store all data (vehicles, custom settings, licenses) across devices. You will need to create an account for this. Do this in the sidebar menu. You have two options:

  • Manually create an xHP-specific account

  • Use social logins (Google, Facebook, Apple)

This login scheme started with app version 3.0 in March 2020 and the introduction of the iOS version of xHP. With previous versions, the app used the Google Play Store email in the background to identify the customer's account.

Customers before April 2020
Existing customers must use the same email they use on Google Play to regain access to previously purchased items. For example, if your Google Play email was xyz@gmail.com, you can manually create an account with xyz@gmail.com or use one of the social logins with the same email to regain access. It doesn't matter which option you choose as long as you use the same email!

The Login page

There is a separate login for xHP Pro users! xHP Pro users must select this option.

General navigation


Once logged in, the application displays the list of vehicles on the "Overview" page, which acts as the main screen.

At the bottom, you find the menu, which gives you access to all the general functions not directly related to a specific vehicle:

  • News - here you find all the latest developments

  • Check Support - includes a VIN scanner, for example

  • Help - including links to our Tour, FAQ, Manual & Connect guide

  • More - with Diagnostics, the “Send Logs” feature, app settings and “About” page.

For all flashing operations, click "CONNECT NEW CAR" or select a vehicle manually.
You can find more information about flashing here.

Overview page

Buying licenses & redeeming voucher codes

Licences and map packs can be purchased from our https://www.xautomotive.com/ . Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive one or more voucher codes via email, which can be redeemed within the xHP app.

To redeem a code, you must first connect to your vehicle.
You can find out how to do this here.

Once your car shows up in the app, you can find it on the "Cars" page of xHP.
After opening the car, you will see two buttons marked “redeem” next to the "Flash License" and "Map Pack".
Tap either button and enter the voucher code you received to map that item to your car.

Please check that you have selected the correct car and are logged in to the correct email account.

Once a voucher code has been redeemed, your voucher can no longer be used. This cannot be undone.


By redeeming the voucher code, you bind the licence to the email account you are currently logged into and the selected vehicle (VIN).
Licences cannot be transferred to other users. See our FAQ on this.

Flash maps

There are two ways to flash a map. Either press the "CONNECT NEW CAR" button on the main screen to identify your vehicle or select it directly from the list on the "Cars" screen.
Once the vehicle is open, press the "FLASH THIS CAR" button at the bottom.
On the "Car Detail" page, you will see an overview of the available OTS Maps.

The first time you do this, when new versions of your map are available or if you have reinstalled the application, xHP will prompt you to download the files required for this car.
If you are connected to your car via a Wi-Fi or ENET adapter, you must switch back to a cellular connection or local Wi-Fi to complete the download.

Flash OTS Maps

xHP will flash the calibration section of your transmission controller with the selected calibration file. xHP will calculate and display the remaining time throughout the process.
The flash process is designed to be a failsafe and will automatically correct minor errors or faulty connections to a certain extent.

However, if a flash fails, you can start again.
xHP is designed to keep your transmission controller safe at every process step.
Don't worry if your car displays various error messages during the flash process, as this is perfectly normal. All errors will be cleared when the flash is complete.
When the flash is complete, the app will ask you to turn off your ignition and let your car sit for a few seconds on 6-speed cars.

For an error-free flash procedure and to minimise the load on your battery, please read the How to connect to your car section before flashing your vehicle!

Flash Custom Maps

Open your car and click "FLASH THIS CAR" at the bottom of your screen. Click on the "File" symbol above the "Info" buttons of the OTS maps.

This will open a file browser where you can select your 3rd party custom map. Before the flash, xHP will perform extensive health checks on your custom calibration.

If xHP reports an "invalid" file, you may have edited a restricted section of your file. (e.g. Program part, Project numbers, etc.)

Once the sanity check is complete, xHP will flash the calibration section of your transmission controller with your custom map file, calculating all checksums and RSA corrections on the fly.

Original xHP Custom Map files, purchased from our https://www.xautomotive.com/, will be directly visible below the OTS Stages.

Flash Custom Settings

For more details on Flash settings and how to Import & Export Flash Settings, please see our dedicated chapter on the Customisation Module.

Flash Backup/Stage 0 or do a complete Uninstall

From the map selection screen, select 'Backup'. When the backup flash starts, you will be presented with three options:

  • Stage 0: Flashes the unmodified backup calibration. xHP remains installed. (Short Flash)

  • Stage 0 with Flash–Settings: Flashes your backup file but applies any changes made in the Customisation Module

  • Uninstall: Full Uninstall of xHP (Long-Flash)

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