xHP Flashtool - How to use the xHP app

Account selection

xHP uses user-accounts to save all data (vehicles, Custom - settings, licenses) across devices. You are required to create a Login for this. Do so in the sidebar-menu. You have 2 options for that:

  • Create a Login manually within xHP

  • Use Social Logins (Google, Facebook, Apple)

This Login-Scheme started with App-Version 3.0 in March 2020 and the introduction of the iOS-Version of xHP. With previous versions, the app used the Google Play store e-Mail in the background to identify the customers account.

Customers before April 2020: Existing customers are required to use the same email as in Google Play to re-gain access to previously bought items. For instance if your Google Play e-Mail was xyz@gmail.com you can either create an account manually with xyz@gmail.com or use one of the Social-Logins with the same email to re-gain access. It’s not important what option you chose, it’s only important that you use the same e-mail!

There is a separate Login for xHP Pro Users! xHP Pro Users are required to choose this option.

General navigation

Once you are logged in, the app will show the car-list on the “my cars” page, which acts as the main screen. On the top left, you have access to the side bar menu which lets you access all generic functions, not directly related to a certain vehicle (Manual, FAQ, Connect Guide, Support Check, read fault codes, or read adaption etc.).

For all flash operations, either click “Connect” or manually select a vehicle. You can find more Information regarding flashing here.

Buying licenses & redeeming voucher codes

Licenses and Map-Packs are to be bought in our web shop. Once you completed your purchase, you will receive one or more voucher codes through your email, which can be redeemed inside xHP app.

To redeem a code, you need to connect & save your vehicle first. Please see here on how to do that. Once your car is saved, you will find it on the “my cars” page of xHP. After opening the car, you will see 2 Buttons “Flash License” and “OTS Map Bundle”, which show you the current status. Just tap a button and enter the received voucher code to map this item to your car. Please double-check, that you have selected the correct vehicle and that your are logged in to the correct email account.

Once a voucher-code is redeemed, this cannot be undone. Licenses cannot be transferred to other users, see our FAQ on this.

By redeeming the voucher-code, you bind the license to the selected vehicle (VIN) and the email account you are loggend in at this point.

Flash maps

There are 2 ways to flash a map. Either press the “Connect” button on the main Screen to identify your vehicle, or select it directly from the list on the “My Cars” screen. After the vehicle is opened, press the “Flash” Symbol on the bottom-right and again click on “Flash” in the Pop-Up Menu. This will bring up the Flash-Menu with all available Maps. You can click on a Map to get detailed information on the changes, or directly proceed to flash. When doing this for the first time, or after a re-install of the App, xHP will prompt you to download the files needed for this car. If you are connected through a Wi-Fi Adapter to your vehicle you need to switch back to Cellular or your local Wi-Fi for carrying out the download.


Make sure to obey the rules from How to connect to your car before starting a flash!

It is very important to use the recommended Hardware for carrying out a Flash-Operation. Please check the Connect Diagram if you are not sure.

Flash OTS Maps

xHP will flash the calibration section of your transmission controller with the chosen calibration file. xHP will calculate and display the remaining time during the whole procedure. The flash process is designed to be failsafe and will automatically correct small errors or error prone connections, to a certain degree. However, if a flash fails, you can just start over. xHP is designed to keep your Transmission controller safe in every step of the process. Don’t worry, if your car shows various fault messages during the flash process, as this is perfectly normal. All errors will be cleared after the flash procedure has finished. When the flash has finished, the App prompts you, to switch off your Ignition and let your car sit for a few seconds on 6- Speed vehicles.

For an error-free flash procedure and to put as little load as necessary on your battery, please pay attention to Chapter 3 before flashing your vehicle!

xHP will check the connection and battery voltage of your vehicle before flash. If your voltage is below 11.0V, xHP will refuse to start the operation.

In the Car-Screen you can find a history of the last files flashed. (3-white-dots, top-right)

Do NOT close this window or exit the App during the Flash Process.

Flash Custom Maps

Open your car and click the “Flash” on the bottom right of your screen. Select Flash from the Pop-Up Menu and click the File-Symbol on the top right on the next screen. This will open a file browser to select your custom map. Before proceeding to flash, xHP will carry out extensive sanity checks on your custom calibration. If xHP reports a bad file you possibly edited a restricted section in your file. (e.g. Program part, Project numbers etc.) After completing the sanity check, xHP will flash the calibration section of your Transmission controller with your custom calibration file and calculate all checksums and RSA corrections on the fly.

Flash menu view

xHP will check the connection and battery voltage of your vehicle before flash. If your voltage is below 11.0V, xHP will refuse to start the operation.

In the Car-Screen you can find a history of the last files flashed. (3-white-dots, top-right)

Do NOT close this window or exit the App during the Flash Process.

Flash Custom Settings

More details on the Flash settings and how to Import & Export Flash Settings please visit our dedicated Customisation Module chapter.

Please do not simply activate all custom features, but make sure you understand, what the individual setting does.

Flash Backup/Uninstall

From the Map-Selection screen select “Backup”. When starting the Backup-Flash you get 3 options:

  • Backup: Flashes the unaltered Backup – Calibration. xHP remains installed. (Short-Flash)

  • Backup with Flash–Settings: Flashes your backup file, but applies any changes made in the


  • Uninstall: Full Uninstall of xHP (Long-Flash)




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