xHP Flashtool - Customisation Module


About the Customisation Module

The Customization Module offers many functions to tweak your transmissions behavior to your liking! All functions work on your stock calibration, as well as on our OTS Maps! You are free to change Shiftpoints for D and S mode, adjust Shift-Speeds or firmness for each shift (where available) or even adjust the Launch Control function of your vehicle! With our Import/Export feature you can also share your settings on Social Media or Import settings from other users!

The Custom. Module offers 2 types of functions: Absolute or relative. Absolute functions are those where you set a fixed parameter, which then will be applied to every file flashed. For instance you could set a Torque Limiter of 500 Nm in 1st Gear. This limiter will then be applied to every Map you flash, wether it is your stock calibration, an OTS Maps or a self-built custom file. Every map will have this limiter applied, no matter what value was written in the Base-File.

Relative functions work slightly different, as you can apply a delta to the flashed Map. The Shiftmap Editor is such a relative function, where xHP will readout the respective values from every Map flashed and change them according to your settings. This makes it easy to adjust complex things like Shiftpoints. Instead of having to worry about what absolute value to set for a given shift (e.g. 1-2 in D-Mode), at a given Throttle/RPM position, you just apply a delta in percent to the base settings already stored in the Map. Every relative function is configured through easy Sliders, which allow you to set a positive or negative percentage for a given parameter. For instance, if you want your 2-3 shift to happen earlier, you just set a negative Value (for instance: -15%) for this shift and xHP will apply -15% to the complete map for the 2-3 shift. This always happens within certain boundaries and will be auto-adjusted, so the actual values applied to the Map still make sense. The same principle applies to all functions, where you are able to set a positive or negative percentage in xHP.

This chapter will explain every custom function available, separate for 6-Speed, 7-Speed E-Series, 7-Speed F-Series or 8-Speed Transmissions! Most functions are available for all models, however some functions may not be possible on certain vehicles due to technical restrictions. The Custom Module will show such functions greyed out.

To see what your specific car can support, please connect the app to your car and click on it. Then in the lower right corner, click on the blue “flash” icon and then on the gear symbol.

This can be done without acquiring a license.

Flash settings menu
Shift point editor
Torque limits per gear

Import/Export Function

By pressing the "3-white-dots" in the upper-right corner of the Customization Module you can quickly export your currents custom settings. The settings can either be stored on your phone in a small file, or they can be forwarded to any Social Media Channel your device is offering (e.g. WhatsApp). You can also easily import settings from any other xHP-User within seconds to your car. Compatibilty is limited between transmission types. 6-Speed Settings can only be imported to other 6-speed cars, 8-Speed to 8-Speed and 7-Speed to 7-Speed. Some settings of 7-Speed F-Series cars are not compatible to 7-Speed E-Series and are therefore voided, yet the import in general will still work.

Please bear in mind, that the customization module has many "relative" Settings. (e.g. Shiftpoints) This means it will make little sense to import Shift-Point settings from a 550i to a 320d. The app will still change the maps in the 320d accordingly, but those will of course not lead to the same shiftpoints as in the 550i.

Sub-menu for Import/Export
Decide what you want to import
In the end it should look like this

The individual Custom modules for 6HP / 7-DCT / 8HP cars


For more detailed information on the individual custom modules your specific transmission type supports, please follow these links:

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