xDelete - xDrive Configurations


xDelete not only allows you to switch your xDrive ON and OFF but also to customise its behaviour. The settings available are ON, OFF, Sport, Snow and Custom, which allows you to choose the amount of power transferred to the front wheels (for F-Series only, ON, OFF and Sport are available).

Please note that the xDrive AWD system is essentially a clutch that can be opened and closed in stages to regulate maximum torque to the front wheels. It is not an active differential as found in off-road vehicles.

This means the maximum power split between the axles is 50/50 front/rear, while the minimum is 0/100 front/rear. With this system, it is technically impossible to send more than 50% of the power to the front wheels. The stability system (DSC) and the transfer case unit (VGSG) coordinate to set the maximum torque to be transferred to the front wheels depending on the driving situation. The main inputs are:

  • Torque output from transmission (or Engine)

  • Steering wheel angle

  • ABS operation



xDrive ON


E-Series F-SeriesG-Series

Your car will drive completely normally. The maximum power transmitted to the front wheels depends on the type of transfer case you have, but is usually around 1100 - 1300 Nm (800 - 950 ft-lb).
xDrive is set up to maximise traction and always keep the car stable.

Be careful when using staggered wheels as they must be within a certain range. See our FAQ for more information.



xDrive OFF


E-Series F-SeriesG-Series

Your car will drive like an RWD car. The power transmitted to the front is always kept at 0 Nm.
This means that the power split between the front and rear is 0/100 front/rear. Please note that the xDrive clutch is immersed in oil and therefore, a small amount of power will always reach the front wheels, even when the clutch is fully open. For example, all four wheels will still be turning on a lift, but you can still hold the front wheels with your bare hands.

DO NOT try to test with your bare hands whether the front wheels can be stopped on a lift. We have already tested it for you.
A moving wheel has a lot of inertia, you can still hurt yourself badly.

This is the only recommended configuration for using a staggered wheel setup outside of BMW's recommendations. For more information, please refer to our FAQs on running staggered setups or testing the car on a dyno.


xDrive Sport



In this configuration, the xDrive system prioritises the power sent to the rear wheels but still does send some power to the front wheels. Even if the rear wheels spin, only limited power is sent to the front wheels to prevent understeer on wet and dry surfaces. This setting will make your car more "tail-happy" (compared to the standard car) but will still provide enough traction on corner exits to keep the throttle wide open, even in 1st and 2nd gear.

This setting is NOT intended to be used for burnouts or on 2WD dynos!
The transfer case constantly monitors the relative speed between the front and rear wheels and will put your car into limp mode if there is too much relative movement over a long period. It is safe to use for normal road use, track use and drifting sessions.


xDrive Snow


E-Series only

The Snow setting works in a similar way to “Sport” but sends even less torque to the front wheels to take into account the lower friction of snow-covered roads. The Snow setting makes your car behave more like an RWD car on snow but gives you extra traction while keeping understeer to a minimum.
This setting also allows small burnouts but must not be used on 2WD dynos.


xDrive Custom


xDrive Custom


You can configure your torque transmission rate from 0-100%. 100% is similar to the standard, while 0% is similar to “xDrive OFF”. “Snow” and “Sport” settings are in between. (approx. 20% and 50%) Please use the custom setting with caution and use our live data feed to monitor your clutch stress. Also, follow the general rules mentioned with the Snow and Sport settings.
Do NOT ride with staggered wheels at any setting above 0%.

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