Product Questions

What does xDelete do?

xDelete is an app for Android/iOS smartphones/tablets released in December 2018. It allows you to switch your BMW from AWD (all-wheel drive) to full RWD (rear-wheel drive) or change the power distribution with our Sport/Snow/Custom Settings.

What is xDelete good for?

  • Being able to switch between modes opens up all sorts of fun possibilities. BMW and Mercedes have understood this and have made their latest and greatest AMG and M cars switchable between AWD and RWD.

  • By altering the power distribution, you can actively change the driving dynamics of the vehicle.

  • You get two cars in one. RWD in the summer, AWD in the winter.

  • Get rid of the understeer generated by the xDrive system

  • Drift your xDrive properly in dry and wet conditions

  • Finally: Having fun…thats all.

Your transfer case needs to be in good working condition, to use xDelete. A non-working xDrive system cannot be repaired with xDelete.

How does xDelete work?

We flash the xDrive ECU (called VGSG or LMV) with a modified data set to change the behavior of the transfer case.

Is this part of xHP?

No, xDelete is a separate application and is not related to xHP.

Do I need to keep my smartphone connected to the car at all times?

No. You only need to connect it when switching between AWD and RWD.

Does xDelete affect the rest of the car?

No. You can continue to use your vehicle as normal and all other components will work as before. In rare cases the DSC (in ON or DTC mode) will overreact in 2WD mode and pull power, despite the car being in a stable driving situation. The reason is mostly uneven wear between front and back tyres. Often this can be mitigated by changing the tyre pressure. If not, please use the xDrive Sport/Snow or Custom mode.

Can I remove the drive shafts and/or the transfer case ECU from the car?

The transfer case oil pump is driven by the front driveshafts. If these are removed, the transfer case is largely unlubricated. Therefore, the front driveshaft must not be removed, even in xDrive OFF mode.

xDelete should only be used with an intact driveline. xDelete opens the clutches in the transfer case so that no torque (xDrive OFF) or a user-defined amount (xDrive Sport/Snow/Custom) is sent to the front wheels.

The VTG (transfer case controller) still communicates with the other modules in your car (even in xDrive OFF mode), so it can't be removed.

Can I use a 2WD dyno in xDrive-OFF mode and do burnouts?

You can run your car on a 2WD dyno to measure HP/TQ and also do burnouts, but some things need to be considered.

Dyno: The vehicle must be moved away from the dyno after each run, so the clutch assembly gets lubricated again. For lubrication purposes, the vehicle should be run on the road for a mile before the next run. DO NOT run the car for extended periods on a 2WD dyno.

Burnouts: Respect the same guidelines as when running on a 2WD-Dyno. Drive the car after doing a burnout, to lubricate the clutch assembly again. Do not do consecutive burnouts, or burnouts lasting longer than 10 - 15 seconds.

Will I lose my factory warranty?

In theory, yes. In practice, the use of xDelete is not detectable by BMW testers or any other tool.

Do I need a charger to flash to xDelete in my car?

The flash is very fast. No charger is required, except for the first flash, depending on the update level of your car. xDelete will flash the latest software to your xDrive if it is not already there.

Is this bad for my car's four-wheel drive?

No. It won't damage any part of your car. The xDrive system is a clutch that can be opened or closed in stages. The default position is open. Not using the clutch means leaving it in this position, where it is perfectly fine. The best example of this is that the clutch, being open, is in the normal operating state above around 180 km/h. BMW themself have made the new BMW M5 switchable. The operating principle has remained the same from the early days to the present day. It also won't damage your rear axle or driveshafts. These components are all the same as on the corresponding RWD version of your BMW.

Can I use staggered wheels with xDelete?

You can use any staggered setup with "xDrive OFF".

For all other setups, the difference in circumference must be less than 1.5%, as specified by BMW and therefore recommended by us, as any greater difference could damage the transfer case.

Too large a difference could also confuse the DSC, so choose a reasonable diameter difference.
As a guide, BMW recommends a maximum of 1.5% between the front and rear axles for xDrive vehicles.

You can choose more than this, but be aware that speedometers typically only allow a 3% difference from standard diameters before they start to read incorrectly, which is illegal in most countries.

To calculate this difference, you can use this tool:

Can I use xDelete permanently?

Yes, you can drive your car in RWD mode all the time. There are no disadvantages.

How often can I change between AWD and RWD?

As often as you like. There is no limit.

What hardware do I need to use xDelete?

This depends on your car and smartphone or tablet. Please see HERE for a detailed description.

I switched off xDrive, but my front wheels still spin on the lift.

The clutch in the transfer case is a wet clutch. A few Nm of parasitic drag are normal in xDrive off mode and do no harm.

I cannot use the Google / Facebook login.

If you do not see all the login methods available on your device, please ensure that you are not using any type of content or add-blockers such as Pi-hole, 1Blocker or Blockbear.




example of Login-Screen with blocked “Social Logins”


My DSC keeps intervening in xDrive OFF mode!

In rare cases the DSC (in ON or DTC mode) will overreact in 2WD mode and pull power, despite the car being in a stable driving situation. You can mitigate this by disabling the DSC (long-press on DSC button) or using xDrive Sport/Snow/Custom.

The reason is mostly uneven wear between front and back tyres. This can often be corrected by adjusting the tyre pressure in the front/rear tyres by 0.2 - 0.3 bar or using a different tyre set.

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