xDelete - About the App itself

What is the xDelete App?

xDelete is an App for Android/iOS Smartphones/Tablets, released in Dec. 2018. It enables you to switch your BMW with AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) to full RWD (Rear-Wheel-Drive) mode.

What is xDelete good for?

  • Being able to switch between modes, opens up various fun things. BMW and Mercedes understood that as well and made their latest and greatest AMG and M cars also switchable between AWD and RWD.

  • You get two cars in one. RWD in Summer, AWD in Winter.

  • Get rid of the understeery behaviour the xDrive system generates

  • Drift your xDrive properly in dry/wet conditions

  • Maybe do a burnout here and there

  • Protect the xDrive from too much torque in big power cars

  • As the xDrive’s transfer components fail here and there and are expensive, you may also just turn it off, instead of repairing.

xDelete only works on transfer cases, which no permanent faults stored on them. Those cannot be deleted and enabling xDelete won't be possible.

Please test this before redeeming your voucher.

How do you do it?

We flash the xDrive ECU (called VGSG or LVM) with an altered dataset, to keep the transfer case clutch open all the time. This means, your front wheels won't be driven any more.

Is this part of xHP?

No, it's a separate App and is not related to xHP.

Do I need to have my Smartphone connected to the car all the time?

No. You only need to connect it, when you want to switch between AWD and RWD.

Does this affect the rest of the car?

No. You can use your vehicle normally and all other components will work just like they did before.

Can I remove the drive shafts and/or the transfer case ECU from the car?

The transfer case oil pump gets driven by the front drive-shafts. Removing these will leave the transfer case mostly unlubricated. Therefore the front drive shaft must not be removed, even in xDrive OFF mode.

xDelete is only meant to be used with an intact drive train. xDelete opens the clutches inside the transfer case, so no torque (xDrive OFF), or a custom amount (xDrive Sport/Snow/Custom) is sent to the front wheels.

The VTG (transfercase controller) still communicates the with the other modules in your car (even in xDrive OFF mode), so it can’t be removed.

Can I put my car on a 2WD-Dyno in xDrive-OFF mode?

Yes, you can run your car on a 2WD-Dyno for measuring HP/TQ.

E-SERIES: If you plan to put it on a dyno for multiple runs or for elongated tune sessions, let the xDrive System cool off after 5 Minutes of consecutive movement on the dyno. Although the clutches are no longer touching each other, they are still submerged in oil, which gets slowly heated due to one side moving, while the other is at standstill. At best, run it on the street after a few minutes of Dyno Work.

F-Series: We do NOT recommend doing more than one consecutive run on the Dyno. For lubrication purposes the vehicle should be run on the street for a mile before doing the next run.

Do I lose my factory warranty?

A: In theory, yes. Practically the usage of xDelete is not detectable for BMW testers or any other tool.

Will there be a special license for Tuners?

A: We offer a subscription service for professionals, please e-mail us at support@rbttuning.com for a quote!

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