xHP Flashtool - Introduction

About xHP Flashtool

xHP Flashtool is the worldwide first and complete Tuning solution for your BMW with ZF6HP, ZF8HP or 7-Speed DCT automatic transmission. xHP is the only tool that focuses fully on getting the best from your Auto-Transmission and is the worldwide leading solution for BMW vehicles. xHP puts the power to fully customize your automatic transmission at your hands. Connect your Smartphone/Tablet to your car and start customizing instant by yourself or choose from pre-defined OTS maps. Licenses and Maps can be bought exclusively at our Webshop.

Since introduction of the ZF 6HP transmissions in BMW vehicles in the early 2000s they remained a Blackbox for Tuners and car enthusiasts worldwide. While the ZF units have been tuned for many years now in other vehicles, BMW applied intense encryption and signature mechanisms to avoid Tuners and enthusiasts from doing so. While this is understandable from a manufacturer’s perspective, it does not satisfy the needs of BMW enthusiasts worldwide. The ZF-Automatics were used throughout the whole BMW range from the 1-series hatchbacks to the mighty Alpina B5 cars putting out around 500 bhp and 700 Nm of torque. While the hardware stays widely the same throughout all applications and is mainly divided in only a few types, the software inside the controller makes it possible to adapt the transmission to every vehicle and mimic a wide range of driver styles. Smooth and comfy in the Diesel applications, the same transmission in the Alpina B3/B5 come with a way sportier touch and make it hard to believe, they are from the same breed.

Tweaking your transmission is not only about getting quicker or holding more power. Few people are aware of how deeply an automatic transmission contributes to the overall driving experience. From crawling in traffic, over city driving, to taking your vehicle to the drag strip or a race track, the TCU widely defines how your car feels. Like everyone drives different with a manual, the maps inside the TCU hide the secrets to tweak your automatic transmission to your personal likings and finally experience what BMW promised you once in the glossy brochure:


Sheer driving pleasure!



This Wiki will guide you through the process, how to flash your TCU (Transmission Control Unit) with xHP. We’ve done everything to make this process as easy, safe and smooth as possible. However, tuning a vehicle and flashing control units inside of the car always requires paying attention to certain things and prerequisites. On the next pages, we will list the prerequisites needed and how to avoid any problems, before they can occur.

The flash method used by xHP is 100% safe for your TCU! You won’t be able to brick it.


In order to safely flash your TCU, it is mandatory to use the right hardware and prepare your vehicle. Please make sure you don’t have any mechanical problems on your transmission. xHP won’t cure bad mechanics. Never. If you’re already experiencing flared shifts, wrong shifts or jerks during shifts, your transmission most likely needs service or repair before tweaking it.

Don’t use xHP with transmissions which are not in fully operating state.

xHP will not flash transmissions or transmission controllers outside of the car. (Bench flashing)

The operation is solely restricted to in-car usage on supported BMW vehicles.

Supported transmissions

xHP is developed for flashing ZF6HP/ZF8HP and DCT (Dual-Clutch) automatic transmissions in BMW vehicles. It won’t connect nor operate on other vehicle brands or other automatic transmissions. The ZF6HP/8HP’s were BMWs automatic transmissions of choice for nearly their complete lineup, from the early 2000s till today, while the DCT was used mostly in M-Cars.

Mapping a transmission is a tedious task and has to be done on the road, specific for a certain vehicle. Therefore, we can’t support “all” BMW’s in one sweep.

See here how to check for Support for your car!

If it is not yet supported, it does not mean, it never will be. Please like us at Facebook to get every update on supported vehicles, or write us an e-mail to support@rbttuning.com. We’re happy to integrate vehicles if there is enough demand from customer side!

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