The information below is specifically for xHP Pro dealers.

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Dealers are allowed to use the xHP logo and content published across our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram), for their own purpose.

Please follow the guidelines below, to ensure a fair competition between dealers:

  • Users must be able to easily distinguish between a dealer-page and our own xHP Flashtool page. This applies to ANY social media platform and/or website.

  • The use of the xHP logo as profile picture is not allowed.

  • The use of the xHP Logo or xHP content as main picture on top of your Facebook Page is not allowed.

  • Wordings like “xHP <<my_country, region etc.>>” or similar as names for Social Media pages are not allowed.

  • Re-Posts of our social media content must be clearly recognizeable as re-post! Do not copy/share without your own comment and message.

  • Reserving domains which include “xHP”, “xHP-flashtool” or similar wordings is strictly forbidden. Examples of unwanted domains are “xhp-germany.com”, “xhp-flashtool.com”, “xhpflasher.com”.

  • Using the name “xhp” or similar wordings in your email address is also strictly forbidden.

Please report any infringement of those rules to support@rbttuning.com


The backend serves as the central hub for downloading and managing your xHP Pro account and can be reached under http://pro.xhpflashtool.com.


Registration / First Steps



  • xHP Pro is only available to registered dealers and tuners.

  • The xHP App can be downloaded for Windows, ioS/Mac App Store or Android Google Play.

  • With the xHP App you can connect to vehicles and unlock them, after the registration process is complete and your account unlocked.


Step 1: Sign up

Step 1: Sign Up



Step 2: Complete registration process

  • After confirming your data in the e-mail, complete the registration by providing additional information regarding your business and contact data.

  • Please note, that for dealers inside the EU, we need a valid Tax ID.

  • By clicking “complete registration”, your account is created.

  • Your account is then being reviewed. You will get another e-mail asking for further information regarding your business, because we want to make sure we give our licenses only to professional auto tuning shops.


Step 2: Complete registration


Step 3: Account unlocked

  • After your account and the information you provided has been reviewed, the account is approved and unlocked.

  • You will be able to log into xHP with your account credentials and reach the Dashboard (see information below).




After you log into your xHP account (via the app or desktop), you will be greeted by the xHP Pro Dashboard.

The Dashboard is an overview of your xHP customers and their vehicles. You can edit customer name and vehicle plates here and bring up your invoices. The backend will create one invoice per vehicle.


Flashpoints on dealer map

Every registered xHP Pro tuner has their own “Flashpoint”. This is the address of their workshop which is shown on the dealer map on the xHP website.

Flashpoints are key to getting customers to your site. Over 30.000 people visit our website every month. When they look for a workshop nearby, they enter their address and the nearest flashpoints are shown on the dealer map. That way, customers know, they can visit you to get an xHP tune.

If you have more than one workshop, please contact us at support@rbttuning.com with your subsidiary-address, and we create another flashpoint for you. Be sure to provide all the details (company name, phone, address, city, country etc.)

Please do also contact us, if you don’t want your address to be shown on the dealer map.

You find your active flashpoints in the xHP Pro dealer backend.


As soon as all your credits are used up, we use the PayPal billing engine to generate invoices. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a PayPal account and pay your bills over this account. The dealer backend will forward every invoice to your mailbox, including a payment link.

That means, you don’t have to login to our backend each time, but can conveniently pay through the PayPal web interface or the PayPal app on your mobile device.

The first vehicle unlock (after the initial license pack) has to be paid instantly, before a second vehicle can be unlocked. Afterwards you will get a credit of 10 vehicles. However, the app will lock, once the vehicle limit is reached and one or more of the bills is outstanding, or if one of your bills is due more than 21 days.

Please make sure to always settle your bills in a timely manner. Your account will lock after the billing period has expired.


New Dealers need to pre-purchase 5 Credits (Unlocks) in our Webshop! After using-up those 5 unlocks, the system will continue to work like described above. (One invoice per car) If you do not own a PayPal Account, or PayPal is not available in your country, you can also continue purchasing Unlocks through the Webshop. More Information on the two methods can be found below.


Here you can see/edit your billing address. By default, this is the address you entered when registering your company and this is also the address used to automatically create your first Flashpoint. However, you may change the billing address at any time. This won’t have any effect on your Flashpoint address. All cars flashed through this account will be billed to the main address. xHP won’t bill to subsidiaries.


Got stuck somewhere? Having trouble with the App or the payment? Just email us here.



There are 2 ways to unlock customer vehicles:

You either buy Credits/Licenses upfront in our Webshop, or receive a PayPal invoice for each vehicle after unlock.

Make sure your are actually logged in as xHP Pro Dealer. App behavior and user interface will change for Pro Dealers. Buying Credits and PayPal-Invoice mode are only available for Pro-Users.

Dealer Unlocks do NOT allow the enduser to use the xHP Flashtool App with their car. For this the enduser needs an additional “Upgrade license” or flash the car with a regular enduser license himself altogether.

xHP Pro Dealer - Buying License Packs

To purchase License Packs please use your xHP Pro Account's email to order in our Webshop. This ensures your credits will be added automatically to your Pro - Account within minutes after purchase. Your current credits are shown inside xHP. (Sidebar Menu) xHP will switch to PayPal-Invoice mode (see below), once your credits are used up.

1 Credit = 1 Vehicle, 15% discount are applied for every order >= 4 License Packs (20 Licenses). License Packs are purchased separately for 6, 8 and 7-Speed cars.

Newly registered xHP Pro Dealers are required to purchase at least one License Pack, before their account gets unlocked.

xHP Pro License Packs / Credits are non refundable and non transferable items!

xHP Pro Dealer - PayPal Invoice method

Once all credits have been used up, xHP will switch to PayPal-Invoice mode. In this mode xHP will generate a PayPal-Invoice 24H after each unlock. Those invoices will be delivered to your eMail-Inbox and are due within 7 days. xHP Pro will lock itself, once invoices are overdue for a certain time-period.

Make sure to settle open invoices in a timely manner, or pre-purchase credits to avoid having your account locked.

The 24h Trial-Period

xHP Pro offers a 24h Trial-Period for every vehicle (note: only for selected dealers!)

If your customer is not satisfied with his xHP Tune, you can “Uninstall xHP” and “Cancel the Vehicle-Unlock” within 24h after the initial unlock! Do so by uninstalling the tune from the vehicle. Once the uninstall is complete, press the three white dots in the upper-right corner and select “Cancel Vehicle Unlock”.

This function is only active, if the Trial Period is still running and the Vehicle is in “uninstalled” state. The App will message you accordingly. Please be aware, that the trial-period starts to run immediately after the unlock and NOT after the flash. If you unlocked a car, which is to be flashed later for whatever reason, cancel it immediately again.

Trial-Period is only available for selected dealers who have been active in the xHP dealer community for some time.

If you do not manage to cancel the unlock within 24h as described above, a credit gets charged / you will receive an invoice automatically, so please make sure to cancel any not needed unlocks and contact us immediately, if you run into problems.

xHP Pro Vehicle Unlocks are not transferable between dealers.

Upgrade Licenses

xHP Pro Enduser can now upgrade from a dealer unlock to a full “xHP Flashtool license” including the “Map pack”, utilizing the “Upgrade license”. This way they are getting access to all the functionality of the app, like a non-xHP Pro dealer user.

These license can be accessed through a link in our Webshop, which is not visible to normal users, so they do not accidentally buy the wrong license. You can give interested customers of yours this link:


Pricing for Customers

Dealers are able to use xHP at a significantly lower price point, compared to End-Users. The difference between our Webshop Pricing (Flash License + Map-Pack) and the dealer pricing is supposed to be the margin earned by you. Please DO NOT use this margin to offer xHP to customers "for cheap". Although we are not able to enforce this price-scheme, we strongly encourage you to keep the market vital and play fair against other dealers.

Selling by underrunning prices in your region will lead to a ruined market in the long run. Therefore we do take reports about dumped prices seriously and will take action in case of serious underrunnings and/or multiple reports. Please offer xHP for AT LEAST the pricing in our Webshop. Customers utilize your time, tools and infrastructure to get their car flashed, just like they do when bringing in parts for installation. Do a fair calculation with xHP License + labour + infrastructure + overhead costs before making an offer to a customer.

See here a calculation on how much money you’ll make by purchasing xHP Dealer Credit Pack for either 6-speed, 8-speed or 7-speed DCT vehicles. 1 Credit Pack includes 5 Licenses plus Map Packs.

Which Credit Pack are you buying?

Your investment for the Credit Pack

Enduser Prize per Vehicle (1 license)

Your profit for 5 flashes


Which Credit Pack are you buying?

Your investment for the Credit Pack

Enduser Prize per Vehicle (1 license)

Your profit for 5 flashes


6-Speed Credit Pack
(includes 5 Licenses + Map Packs)

(for 5 credits)



(after 5 flashes for 6-speed vehicles)

after the 3rd Flash

8-Speed Credit Pack (includes 5 Licenses + Map Packs)

(for 5 credits)



(after 5 flashes for 8-speed vehicles)

after the 3rd Flash

7-Speed DCT Credit Pack (includes 5 Licenses + Map Packs)

(for 5 credits)


1.000 EUR/USD

(after 5 flashes for 7-speed DCT vehicles)

after the 3rd Flash



We at xHP aim to make access to our tunes as easy as possible for everyone. Currently xHP software is running on vehicles in over 80 countries worldwide and our end-consumer App xHP Flashtool is installed on well over 80.000 devices. See here our list of supported vehicles.

With the tuner app you have access to more functionalities than the end-consumer app, thus enabling you to offer additional services to your customers. By unlocking a vehicle, Tuners always get all maps in one sweep, whereas private persons have to get License and Maps separate.

We advise all partners to set their pricing at least EVEN to our current enduser pricing on the website.

Benefits you as a dealer can offer to your customers:

  • Customers can test all 3 Stages at site before deciding for one.

  • Customers don’t need to work-in to how the app works.

  • Customers don’t need to buy auxiliary material (INPA cable, Charger etc.).

  • Customers don’t have to be afraid to brick their vehicle.

  • Customers have the comfort of an experienced person working for them.

Benefits you have as xHP Dealer:

  • Advertisement for your business: We are actively guiding people to your site over our website.

  • You are part of an exclusive network able to flash BMW transmissions. To date there is no other tool on the market that delivers the ability to flash through OBD and delivers OTS Maps for hundreds of BMWs.

  • You are not only getting a tool to flash, but 3 different tunes to choose from for each supported car (for most supported vehicles).

  • You may develop own custom tunes for your customers.

  • Full cost transparency, no hidden costs: There are no running fees, it’s just pay-per-car.

  • Only for selected xHP Dealers: You can offer your customers a 24H trial period, after which the flash can be cancelled at no financial risk.

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