xDelete - Licensing

My license does not appear, and the voucher codes no longer work!

Please make sure you are trying to log in with the correct account! We have added an account finder at the bottom of the login screen. Enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), and xHP will give you an indication of which account has been used for that car in the past.

If you purchased through Google Play in 2017/2018, your license will eventually need to be ported to our new licensing system. Please download the latest iOS or Android version of xDelete, click Login and use the same email to log in that you used to purchase on Google Play. If you still do not see your license, please get in touch with us at support@xautomotive.com.  

What happens to my xDelete-license if I switch to another vehicle?

To move an existing xDelete license to another of your vehicles, you must follow all of the below steps:

  • Perform a "Full Backup Flash". You can find this function behind the three white dots in the top right corner of the car page, then make sure the app is connected to the internet.

  • Connect the phone to your new car once so both cars are stored on your device and visible in the app.

  • Please contact us at support@rbttuning.com with your old and new VIN; after a manual check, your license can be transferred from your old VIN to your new VIN.

Licences are not transferable to other users.

Licences can only be transferred once from one vehicle to another of the same generation (E-series or F-series).

How do I buy a license?

You buy your license at the https://www.xautomotive.com/products/xdelete. Buyers receive a voucher code to redeem within the Android or iOS application. Licenses are cross-platform. No matter where and how you buy, you can always use your license on all supported platforms.

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