xDelete - Introduction

About xDelete

xDelete is a smartphone/tablet app that allows you to configure the xDrive/xi AWD system of your BMW! With xDelete, you can switch off your xDrive system within 30 seconds!

What's that good for? Well, BMWs with xDrive are great cars, except when it comes to having fun with your car. The steering response is sluggish compared to its RWD counterparts, the power distribution to the front wheels makes the car less eager to turn, and you can get a lot of understeer coming out of a bend.
This behaviour varies from model to model. Although BMW advertises a basic 70/30 rear/front split for xDrive, the actual torque split varies significantly between models and driving situations. Even the same car with a different engine gets a different setup from the transfer case electronics. Some are 70/30, others are more like permanent 50/50. Some are configured to be a little more responsive, others to be safer (and more boring to drive). This versatility of the xDrive system is exactly what we use for xDelete!

OK, but why would I need it anyway? Well, there are many reasons. We started developing this app because of our experience with our 335i xDrive E92, which we used to develop xHP Flashtool. It's a great car to drive every day, but when you push it, it has all the drawbacks often associated with AWD cars, as mentioned above. You also can't just hoon it around or even have those small, rewarding moments when the tail of a car gets loose coming out of a corner. This applies to wet and dry conditions and, to some extent, snow. With xDrive, the car can understeer or oversteer in winter conditions when you hit the accelerator hard. In RWD mode, it will always do the same, making drifting much more predictable for beginners. It may sound crazy, but it's safer to learn to drift on snow in an RWD car.

Still not convinced? Check out our FAQ to see all the benefits!

xDelete just lets you have two cars in one, and that alone is an excellent reason to have it!


This manual will guide you through the process of flashing your Transfer-Case (xDrive) with xDelete. We've done everything possible to make this process as easy, safe and smooth as possible. However, tuning a car and flashing ECUs in a car always requires attention to certain things and prerequisites. You won't be able to cause permanent damage by misuse, but you will save yourself some time by following the points below. In the following chapters, we will list the requirements and how to prevent problems before they occur.

The flash method used by xDelete is 100% safe for your car! You won’t be able to brick it.


To safely flash your xDrive, you must use the correct hardware and prepare your vehicle. Please make sure that you don't have any mechanical problems with your xDrive system. We cannot guarantee that xDelete will work properly with your car if you already have stored fault codes!

xDelete will not flash the xDrive controllers outside of the vehicle (bench flashing) and is limited to usage in the vehicle on supported BMW vehicles.

Supported vehicles

xDelete has been developed for flashing xDrive systems in BMW vehicles. It won't work on other car brands with similar AWD drivetrains. We support most E-Series car, F-Series from sept 2011 onwards and G Series cars, up until June 2021.
For later cars you need to connect the car to the xDelete app, to check for support.

For an accurate check, please visit our website,https://www.xautomotive.com/products/xdelete or like us on Facebook to get the latest updates!

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