xDelete - Vehicle support

Is my car supported?

xDelete is developed for flashing xDrive-Systems in most E and F-Series BMW vehicles. It won’t connect nor operate on other vehicle brands using similar AWD drive-trains. Please checkout www.xdelete.app to find out, if your specific BMW is supported!

Why are F-Series vehicles built before September 2011 not supported?

We only do support F-series cars that are built September 2011 or younger, as they got a different control module for their xDrive Unit, which we need to make xDelete possible.

Cars built before 2013 also often require an iSTEP update to support xDelete, as there is a minimum software-requirement, additionally to the hardware-requirement. If they never got an iSTEP update from BMW, then their software level is too old and needs to be updated first.

The update brings further advantages, updated DSC calibration and optimised entertainment software, more supported devices, etc.

Check your exact built date here for example, by typing in your last 7 digits of your cars VIN, to see the exact built date, not to be confused with the cars MY (model year).

Is this only for Automatic BMWs?

No. It does not matter if your car is equipped with Manual or Auto Transmission. Actually, the xDrive System is not related to the transmission in any way. It’s controlled by a separate ECU.

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