xDelete - About flashing the App

Do I need a charger to flash to xDelete in my car?

The flash is very fast. No charger is required, except for the first flash, depending on the update level of your car. xDelete will flash the latest software to your xDrive if it is not already there.

Is this bad for my car's four-wheel drive?

No. It won't damage any part of your car. The xDrive system is a clutch that can be opened or closed in stages. The default position is open. Not using the clutch means leaving it in this position, where it is perfectly fine.
The best example of this is that the clutch, being open, is in the normal operating state above around 180 km/h. BMW themself have made the new BMW M5 switchable. The operating principle has remained the same from the early days to the present day.
It also won't damage your rear axle or driveshafts. These components are all the same as on the corresponding RWD version of your BMW.

Can I use staggered wheels with xDelete?

You can use any staggered setup with "xDrive OFF".

For all other setups, the difference in circumference must be less than 1.5%, as specified by BMW and therefore recommended by us, as any greater difference could damage the transfer case.

Too large a difference could also confuse the DSC, so choose a reasonable diameter difference.
As a guide, BMW recommends a maximum of 1.5% between the front and rear axles for xDrive vehicles.

You can choose more than this, but be aware that speedometers typically only allow a 3% difference from standard diameters before they start to read incorrectly, which is illegal in most countries.

To calculate this difference, you can use this tool: https://tiresize.com/calculator/

Can I use xDelete permanently?

Yes, you can drive your car in RWD mode all the time. There are no disadvantages.

How often can I change between AWD and RWD?

As often as you like. There is no limit.

What hardware do I need to use xDelete?

This depends on your car and smartphone or tablet. Please see HERE for a detailed description.

I switched off xDrive, but my front wheels still spin on the lift.

The clutch in the transfer case is a wet clutch. A few Nm of parasitic drag are normal in xDrive off mode and do no harm.

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