xDelete - Possible issues after the flash

My DSC is flashing all the time in xDrive OFF mode!

Some DSC (Stability/Traction Control) variants may trigger a bit early on some road surfaces in RWD mode. Often this can be corrected by changing the front/rear tyre pressure by 0.2 - 0.3 Bar. If this does not help, just turn your DSC fully OFF in xDrive OFF mode.

I cannot use the Google / Facebook Login?

Should you not get see all the available Login methods on your device, please make sure you aren not using any kind of content or Add-Blockers like Pi-hole, 1Blocker or Blockbear.

Those can be used on your device you want to flash with, or your home network your device is connected to. Blockers like these can block, among other things, Google or Facebook domains, which are needed, if you do want to use them as a Login method with xDelete.


example of blocked “Social Logins”


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