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Can I test xHP before buying anything?

The Download of xHP is free. You can connect to your car, read fault codes from your TCU and read your transmissions adaption values. For any flash operation you need to get the matching License and Map-Pack for your car at

May I return to stock at any time with xHP?

xHP creates a full backup, before attempting any flash procedure. You can flash this backup to your Vehicle at any time.

Am I allowed to change between different OTS and custom tunes?

You can switch between tunes as often as you like. The Licenses and Map-Packs are “lifetime” and you can also use xHP on as many devices as you want.

Do I need the xHP Flash license and the xHP Map Pack?

The “xHP Flash License” is mandatory for flashing your car. With the Flash License you can already use all the Customization Features and apply them to your Backup calibration, and it enables you to flash our OTS Maps. This means, you can use the Flash License standalone, but not the Map Pack. If you buy a Map-Pack, you also need to buy the Flash License to use the OTS Maps.

  • You do need at least the "xHP Flash License" to flash your car and have access to the customization module. With this module, you can alter all maps purchased. More on the Custom Module can be found in the chapter Custom Functions.

  • The “xHP Map Pack” includes all OTS maps available for your car which are mapped bespoke for your car. More details on what the OTS maps do, can be found in the xHP Support Checker! Just browse for your Typecode (4th to 7th digit of your VIN) and click on the “Details” Button below.

For utilizing the full potential of xHP, you need to purchase both (Flash License and Map Pack) in our Webshop.

My car was flashed by a dealer in the past, can I change any settings now by myself with xHP?

Dealers are able to flash your car, but they are not able to resell End-User Licenses. Nevertheless, we offer "Upgrade Licenses" at a much lowered price-point for cars already flashed by Dealers. Those Licenses include the Flash License & the Map-Pack in one sweep! Please see the Licenses-Chapter for more information!

I lost/changed my device. How do I make xHP work again?

Simply install xHP again and Login with the email account you set up xHP originally. All your data is saved server-side and restored on Login.

What happens to my License, if I switch to another vehicle?

To move an existing xHP license to another vehicle of yours, please follow these steps:

  • Uninstall xHP from the transmission. You can find the function “Full Uninstall” in the “Flash menu” inside the “Backup” calibration.
    Only uninstalling the app from your phone or flashing the “Backup” map is not enough!

  • After successfully uninstalling xHP from the transmission, please make sure the app is connected to the internet.

  • Connect the phone once with your new car, so both cars are stored on your device.

  • Please contact us at with your old and new VIN, so we are able to check for a successful uninstall. Afterwards your License can be transferred from your old VIN to your new VIN.

Licenses cannot be transferred to other users.

My License does not show up and the voucher codes no longer work!

Please make sure, you are trying to Login with the correct account! We integrated an Account Finder at the bottom of the Login-Screen. Enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and xHP will give you a hint which account was used for this car in the past.

If you purchased in 2017/2018 through Google Play, your License eventually needs to be ported to our new License System. Please make sure to download the latest iOS, Android or Windows PC version of xHP, click on Login and use the very same eMail to Login, you used for carrying out the purchase on Google Play. This method may not work for very early 2017 buyers. If your Licenses are still not showing up, please contact us at  

Car support

My car is not supported! Can I have a custom map?

As supporting a vehicle requires a great deal of development effort, there are varying reasons why a specific vehicle or powertrain is not supported. Current developments are announced on our social media channels and updates on the development status can be followed there. We are not able to do custom mappings for not supported vehicles.

I do have a Alfa Romeo/Audi/Jaguar/Mini etc. can I use xHP?

Even though your car might use the “same” transmission from ZF, every manufacturer uses their own proprietary software to run these transmissions. We fully focus on BMW and do not plan to expand to other brands. We also do not support the FWD-Platform models by BMW. (e.g. Active Tourer, Mini, 1-Series F40 etc.)

I want to swap my transmission to a different type, does xHP support this?

In general, xHP does not support any “mules”. We only support transmission & vehicle combinations, which have existed from factory. You can swap your transmission, but make sure it is the correct type for your car. Eventually you need to contact us afterwards to re-new your License.

How do I check if my vehicle is supported?

There are 3 ways:

  • Download the xHP app, connect to your vehicle and click on the “Connect” button. xHP will now tell you, if your car is supported.

  • Use the Check Support function in the Sidebar Menu of the App! It lets you browse all supported cars, by their Type Code (4th to 7th digit of the cars VIN).

  • Use the Check Support function at

About the xHP transmission flash

How about reliability, will I shorten the life of my transmission using xHP?

None of the setups will have any general detrimental effect on the lifetime of transmission components. Not on the TCU, nor on the shafts or clutches. Keep in mind, that automatic transmissions are highly complicated units, with a few hundred components inside. Some of these components are designed to wear out (like clutches) through making use of them. Your driving style and proper maintenance have the biggest impact on the life-time of transmission components.

Obey these simple rules:

  • Let your transmission warmup on each drive before applying heavy throttle. You will notice some amount of slip in the warmup phase, which is intentionally to heat up the oil inside. Basic Rule: Your transmission needs about the same time to heat up as your engine oil.

  • Don’t “pump-up” your vehicle on standing starts with brake/throttle applied at the same time.

  • Flush/change your transmission oil regularly. (approx. every 50k – 75k miles) BMW does not want you to do it, but ZF wants you. Trust ZF, who have built this transmission.

Do I need to do a run-in-phase?

We do recommend around 50-75 miles of driving without wide open throttle, with varying speed, load scenarios and shifts, so the transmission can adapt to the new software as fast as possible.

This driving-in-phase is only recommended after the initial xHP flash and not needed for subsequent flashes, like map changes or different custom settings etc.

I just flashed my transmission, but the shifts are bad.

Your transmission may behave weird, right after flash, e.g. starting in 3rd. gear. This issue should clear within a few hundred meters of driving. The transmission has extensive adaption-algorithms, to keep shift quality in check over a full life time and even with heavily worn out clutches. The adaptions applied are very sensitive to abrupt changes, as they operate in a narrow window. Therefore, shift quality can suffer in the first few hundred miles, after doing an oil-change, replacing transmission hardware, or changing the TCU software, like with xHP. Don’t overstress your transmission during this adaption phase. The best way to adapt your transmission, is just normal driving in D mode with lots of varying speeds and shifts. We DO NOT advise anybody to clear the adaption values to speed up the process. Depending on the current wear state of your transmission, this can lead to unwanted and permanent bad results.

Will my car be still updateable by the dealer?

Yes, you can even leave xHP on your car for your visit at the dealer. A Dealer-Software-Update will just overwrite xHP, so you will have to flash it again afterwards.

Will xHP void my OEM or dealer warranty?

xHP changes the calibration file on your TCU. Like every other tune on your vehicle, this will very likely void your OEM or dealer warranty, depending on your Country and/or guarantee contract. However, dealer testers are unable to detect xHP. You don’t need to remove xHP, before visiting a dealer.

Engine tuning & xHP Flashtool

I’m using MHD. What Map version should I flash?

For most cars MHD offers a dedicated “xHP Transmission Setting”. In all other cases just select “Manual Transmission” in MHD. (yes, this is not a typo)

I already have a Flash - Tune (COBB, custom Tune etc.) on my ECU (Engine). Do I need to uninstall it before using xHP?

No. xHP has no direct effect on your existing Engine tune.

I’m running JB4, can I use xHP with it?

Yes, xHP will work on JB4 equipped cars, but you have to remove it before flash and install again. On our test cars setting JB4 to Map 0 was not enough, as JB4 was still disturbing communication to the TCU. This possibly depends on the JB4 revision you are using.

Flashing Issues

I cannot use the Google / Facebook Login?

Should you not get see all the available Login methods on your device, please make sure you aren not using any kind of content or Add-Blockers like Pi-hole, 1Blocker or Blockbear.

Those can be used on your device you want to flash with, or your home network your device is connected to. Blockers like these can block, among other things, Google or Facebook domains, which are needed, if you do want to use them as a Login method with xHP Flashtool.

I cannot connect to my car?

Please make sure you have to correct hardware for your car, by checking our Connect-Diagram! Some adapter/phone combinations require some setup to work. More information can be found in the Chapter Supported Hardware. Make also sure to follow the instructions on How to connect to your car.

I need help, something went wrong during flash!

Please follow everything from how to connect to your car precisely and then try again. If you are flashing with a Wi-Fi-Adapter make absolutely sure cellular data and Bluetooth are turned OFF!

When using the Wi-Fi Adapters and you are still having troubles, please make sure your device ignores all other Wi-Fi Sources, so it does not change Wi-Fi mid flash and also all other devices ignore the THOR/MHD Wi-Fi, so they do not interfere. Please check in the corresponding Wi-Fi settings.

Are there any of the following items installed:

  • Any kind of piggy back ECU, like JB4 for example

  • Throttle pedal tuning boxes

  • Aftermarket CarPlay Units

  • Android Radios

  • any performance displays (like Awron)

  • sport-exhaust with sound control installed in the car

  • aftermarket HUD (head-up displays)

  • anything else aftermarket connected to the CAN-Bus (like mileage manipulation devices)

These are connected to the CAN and can mess up the communication, up to the point, where flashing the car is impossible. Please make sure they are in their dedicated service mode for flashing. If they do not have such a mode, or should it still not work, please unplug them or pull their fuse, for the duration of the flash.

If you continue to have issues despite following all of the above, use the “Send Logs” function inside the App and contact us at with your VIN!

Issue Flashing DKG-F-Series cars

I n rare cases it there can be problems during the checksum correction using ARM 32Bit processors on older phones. in case you cannot flash your car, we recommend to use a 64Bit Android device or one of the other platforms we do support: Supported Hardware

Possible faults after xHP flash

I’m having “Dynamic Drive” Errors after the flash and can’t clear them. (only E-Series BMW)

The BMW Dynamic Drive system is pretty picky, when there is no CAN Bus communication for some time. On every flash, the CAN Bus has to be shut down for all other units in the car. After all returning to normal, the BMW Dynamic Drive System has to recalibrate and re-align the position on all 4 wheels. During this procedure the system is inactive and will throw fault messages. Those errors can’t be cleared manually, you just have to wait for the system to settle again, which can take some miles/time. (up to 1 hour of driving, depending on road surface) Of course this procedure can also be carried out with the BMW Shop-Tools.

I flashed an xHP Map on my Pre-LCI 5 or 6 Series car, but I don’t see the Gear-Display in D-Mode?

Most of the 5 and 6-Series cars (E6x-Series, Pre-Facelift) where equipped with a faulty dash software, which is unable to display a gear number in S-Mode. When S-Mode is engaged, most of these cars display a red Gearbox-Error sign in the dash. Therefore the Gear-Display is not active per-standard in the xHP Maps for those cars.

You can try to activate it by yourself through the Gear Display Feature in xHP’s Customization Module, but we can’t guarantee it will work. Unfortunately, there is no way of checking upfront if a certain car is affected by that or not.

The only way to fix this error, is to install an LCI instrument cluster.


Where can I buy those cool xHP-Caps?

You can purchase them at along with lots of other stuff! Use discount code “XHP10” to get a 10% discount on Caps, Widi-Adapters etc.

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