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You can buy all licenses and maps in our web shop. After purchase you will receive one or more voucher codes through e-Mail to redeem in the App. The voucher codes only work once and every product is stored on your personal account together with the VIN of the vehicle, once it is redeemed. This means you can use xHP on as many devices as you like. Just install xHP, login with your account and all data will be restored from our servers. Please make sure to redeem the codes for the correct car and only when being logged in with your personal account. Once a license is mapped to a certain account, this cannot be reverted.

Licenses and Map-Packs cannot be forwarded to other users under any circumstances, but we do forward them one-time to another vehicle of yourself in certain cases. Please read our FAQ for more information.

“General Flash License” and “Map-Pack” are non-user-transferable, non-refundable items!

General Flash License

This License enables unlimited flashing for a single vehicle. With the “General Flash License” you can either buy and flash OTS Maps or use the built-in Custom Functions to customize your stock map. The General Flash License already includes all of the xHP Custom Functions, like the Shift map Editor, Custom Launch-Control and more. This means you can already tweak your stock transmissions behavior to a certain degree with this License. Please see in the respective Chapter of the Knowledge Base for the offered options. Advanced and full remapping can only be done through our OTS Map-Packs.

OTS Map Packs

For every supported vehicle we have developed a set of 3 Maps, which are grouped in our OTS Map Packs. The maps reflect different driver-styles and can all be easily further customized with the Custom Functions built-in to xHP. Imagine the Stage 1 map to be the most relaxed calibration, while Stage 2 and Stage 3 gradually get sharper. As a general rule, our maps always are fully usable in every vehicle on a daily basis. For example, D/Comfort mode is always smooth shifting even on a Stage 3 map, but it may shift down earlier or react quicker to driver inputs compared to Stage 1. Just how everyone drives different with a stick, everyone has different expectations and preferences, how an Automatic-Transmission is supposed to behave. This is also true for the Maps. Certain changes or features from one car, may not be there or different on another supported car. There is no “universal” Stage 3 map. So be sure to read the details, below the Stage 3 map of your car’s type code.

You can find the details on our website in the “Check Support” section.

In some rare occasions, there may be only 1 or 2 maps available for your specific car

Upgrade license

Vehicles previously flashed by a xHP Pro Dealer, can now be easily transfered to end-user accounts by using the "xHP Upgrade License".

For 6-Speed cars the License is 49 EUR, for 8-Speed 99 EUR and for 7-Speed cars 129 EUR. End-Users can purchase this License through this Link.

The License can be applied to any vehicle previously flashed by dealer, without any intervention from dealer needed. Customer does not need to communicate to dealer for using the License. The License can be applied if the following criteria apply:

  • Car has an active Unlock by random xHP Pro Dealer

  • Invoice has been settled by dealer

  • No xHP Upgrade License has been applied in the past for this car (per xHP Pro Unlock only one Upgrade License is possible)

After purchasing the license in our web shop, you will receive a code, which unlocks “Flash license” and also “Map Pack”.

For this you click on the “flash license” button and enter the received code.

End-Users will get a clear error message inside the App, if one of the above mentioned criteria does not apply.

As you are creating a new account, already existing custom settings are not brought over to your new account. Please ask your dealer for any custom settings eventually made.

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