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My License does not show up and the voucher codes no longer work!

Please make sure, you are trying to Login with the correct account! We integrated an Account Finder at the bottom of the Login-Screen. Enter your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and xHP will give you a hint which account was used for this car in the past.

If you purchased in 2017/2018 through Google Play, your License eventually needs to be ported to our new License System. Please make sure to download the latest iOS or Android version of xDelete, click on Login and use the very same eMail to Login, you used for carrying out the purchase on Google Play. If your Licenses are still not showing up, please contact us at 

How much is it?

Licensing is done per vehicle. E-Series licenses are 119,99 EUR/USD, F-Series licenses are 139,99 EUR/USD . You can manage unlimited vehicles/licenses on one device, see below on where to buy.

How can I buy?

You buy your license at . Buyers receive a voucher code, which is to be redeemed inside the Android or iOS application. Licenses are usable cross-platform. No matter where and how you buy, you can always use your License on all supported platforms.

Car support

Is my car supported?

xDelete is developed for flashing xDrive-Systems in most E and F-Series BMW vehicles. It won’t connect nor operate on other vehicle brands using similar AWD drive-trains. Please checkout to find out, if your specific BMW is supported!

Is this only for Automatic BMWs?

No. It does not matter if your car is equipped with Manual or Auto Transmission. Actually, the xDrive System is not related to the transmission in any way. It’s controlled by a separate ECU.

About the xDelete App itself

What is this?

xDelete is an App for Android/iOS Smartphones/Tablets, released in Dec. 2018. It enables you to switch your BMW with AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) to full RWD (Rear-Wheel-Drive) mode.

What’s xDelete good for?

  • Being able to switch between modes, opens up various fun things. BMW and Mercedes understood that as well and made their latest and greatest AMG and M cars also switchable between AWD and RWD.

  • You get two cars in one. RWD in Summer, AWD in Winter.

  • Get rid of the understeery behaviour the xDrive system generates

  • Drift your xDrive properly in dry/wet conditions

  • Maybe do a burnout here and there

  • Protect the xDrive from too much torque in big power cars

  • As the xDrive’s transfer components fail here and there and are expensive, you may also just turn it off, instead of repairing. (In this case, there should not be any errors, that can no longer be deleted, otherwise xDelete will not be able to delete them either).

How do you do it?

We flash the xDrive ECU (called VGSG or LVM) with an altered dataset, to keep the transfer case clutch open all the time. This means, your front wheels won't be driven any more.

Is this part of xHP?

No, it's a separate App and is not related to xHP.

Do I need to have my Android/Apple device connected to car all the time?

No. You only need to connect it, when you want to switch between AWD and RWD.

Does this affect the rest of the car?

No. You can use your vehicle normally and all other components will work just like they did before.

Do I lose my factory warranty?

A: In theory, yes. Practically the usage of xDelete is not detectable for BMW testers or any other tool.

Will there be a special license for Tuners?

A: We offer a subscription service for professionals, please e-mail us at for a quote!

About the xDelete flashing process

Do I need a charger for flashing?

The flash is very fast. No charger needed, besides eventually the very first flash, depending on the update level of your vehicle. xDelete will flash the most recent software to your xDrive if not there already.

Is this bad for the All-Wheel-Drive?

No. It won't do any harm, to any components of your car. The xDrive system basically is a clutch that can be opened or closed gradually. The fallback position is open. Not using the clutch, means leaving it in this position, where it is perfectly fine. The best example for this is, that this is the normal operation state above ~ 180 km/h (approx. 110 mph) and that even BMW itself made the recent BMW M5 switchable. The operating principle stayed the same, from the early days til today. It also won’t do any harm to your backaxle or driveshafts. Those components are all the same as on the respective RWD version of your BMW.

Can I put my car on a 2WD-Dyno in xDrive-OFF mode?

Yes, you can run your car on a 2WD-Dyno for measuring HP/TQ.

E-SERIES: If you plan to put it on a dyno for multiple runs or for elongated tune sessions, let the xDrive System cool off after 5 Minutes of consecutive movement on the dyno. Although the clutches are no longer touching each other, they are still submerged in oil, which gets slowly heated due to one side moving, while the other is at standstill. At best, run it on the street after a few minutes of Dyno Work.

F-Series: We do NOT recommend doing more than one consecutive run on the Dyno. For lubrication purposes the vehicle should be run on the street for a mile before doing the next run.

Can I run a staggered wheel setup, using xDelete?

You can use any staggered setup with “xDrive OFF”.

With all the other setups, the difference in circumference has to be smaller than 1.5 % as stated by BMW and therefore our recommendation, as with more difference you risk damaging your transfer case. 

Too big differences could also irritate the DSC, so choose reasonable differences in diameter. BMW suggests not more than 1,5% between axles for xDrive cars, as a reference.

You can choose more than that, but be aware that speedometers typically only account for 3% difference to standard diameters and then start reading wrong, which by itself is forbidden in most countries.

To calculate this difference, you can use this tool, for example:

Can i use xDelete permanently?

Yes, you can drive your car all the time in RWD mode. No downsides with that.

How often can I switch between AWD and RWD?

As often as you like. There is no limit.

What hardware do I need to use xDelete?

That depends on your Car and Smartphone/Tablet. Please see HERE for a detailed description.

I turned xDrive off, but my front-wheels are still spinning on the lift.

The clutch in the transfer case is a wet clutch. A few Nm parasitcal drag are normal in xDrive off mode and do no harm.

Flashing issues

I use JB4...anything to know?

JB4 tends to disturb flash processes, even when set to Map 0. If the flash fails with JB4 on Map 0, please disconnect it for the flash.

I use an Awron Data Diplay....anything to know?

Please turn it off for the flash. You can turn it on again afterwards. Same goes for similar displays.

Possible Faults after flashing

My DSC is flashing all the time in xDrive OFF mode!

Some DSC (Stability/Traction Control) variants may trigger a bit early on some road surfaces in RWD mode. Often this can be corrected by changing the front/rear tyre pressure by 0.2 - 0.3 Bar. If this does not help, just turn your DSC fully OFF in xDrive OFF mode.

I cannot use the Google / Facebook Login?

Should you not get see all the available Login methods on your device, please make sure you aren not using any kind of content or Add-Blockers like Pi-hole, 1Blocker or Blockbear.

Those can be used on your device you want to flash with, or your home network your device is connected to. Blockers like these can block, among other things, Google or Facebook domains, which are needed, if you do want to use them as a Login method with xDelete.

Compatibility with other tunes

Does this play well with MHD, xHP, COBB etc,

The xDrive system has it’s own, dedicated ECU, called VGSG. That’s the one we are talking to. Your DME (Engine) or TCU (Transmission) do not get affected by that. Therefore, yes. xDelete is compatible to any flash tune on the market.

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