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Vehicles previously flashed by a xHP Pro Dealer, can now be easily transfered to end-user accounts by using the "xHP Upgrade License".

For 6-Speed cars the License is 49 EUR, for 8-Speed 99 EUR and for 7-Speed cars 129 EUR. End-Users can purchase this License through this Link.

The License license can be applied to any vehicle previously flashed by an xHP Pro dealer, without any intervention from dealer needed. Customer does not need to communicate to dealer

There is no need for further communication with the dealers necessary for using the License“Upgrade license”. The License can be applied used if the following criteria apply:

  • Car has an active Unlock by random an official xHP Pro Dealer

  • Invoice has been settled by dealer

  • No There has no xHP Upgrade License has been applied for this car already in the past for this car ((only one Upgrade License per xHP Pro Unlock only one Upgrade License is possible)

After purchasing the license in our web shop, you will receive a code, which unlocks “Flash license” and also “Map Pack”.